Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots,

The most fragile time in the existence of a start up company, especially a nonprofit, is during its formative, first and second years of operation. Keeping the lights on during year one of operations can quickly dry up a founder's own contributions for such necessities as corporate filing fees, laptops, web fees, software tools, gasoline, office supplies, marketing materials, protest materials, etc. It takes time for a newly-formed nonprofit to build community awareness, to establish a viable social media presence, and to generate fundraising programs which create a sustainable pipeline of donations and grants to establish self-sufficiency and stability that keep it running on all cylinders.

Why Grassroots, Conservative Movements Mostly Fail

What the Conservative community lacks that the Liberal-Progressive machinery exercises repeatedly each day is the leveraging of party resources and infrastructure to help small grassroots movements to germinate, often in politically-hostile environments. This is precisely why the left has been so successful infiltrating our schools, businesses, judiciary, and city leadership. The local level is precisely where the true “culture war” is being fought. Fledgling conservative movements are rarely successful standing on their own against superior forces in blue cities. We need larger conservative organizations to act as mentors, to allow us to tap into their network of donors and legal experts, and to send a message to local leaderships on the left that these small, yet potent movements are backed by powerful players willing to come to their aid, if necessary, lending credence as a “force to be reckoned with.” Republican chapters lack the urgency, agility, risk-taking, commitment or passion of a local activist group. These outposts are simply “business as usual” and lack any disruptive qualities. Local Republican organizations are nothing more than empty shells serving, in name only, as fundraising entities, and they have zero capacity to effect social change. Activism is not in their DNA (or job description). This is not meant as a criticism, they are just not set up this way. This is the old school Republican Party with few local options beyond some public speakers speaking to other Republicans in attendance. We are non-partisan patriots, yet support parties that align most closely with the Constitution.

Democrats are experts at setting the narrative of social change to their advantage, and keep their hands clean in the process, by leveraging their proxies to do the heavy lifting at the local level. Conservatives have given up the streets to leftist activism by having few to none of its own proxies. The Democrat “death grip” will never be broken until we first restore our 1st Amendment rights at the local level, which are being trashed by local Democrats. Winning these small battles will begin to change hearts and minds and create safe environments for others to come forward to speak out.

How You Can Help

We are asking patriots to donate to an organization that puts boots on the ground in the fight against those who wish to silence the weak. We call upon all patriots who understand the precious value of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution and the necessity for its supporters to be vigilent against tyrannts who attempt to take away this important freedom simply for their personal gain. We challenge these tyrants through legal / peaceful protests, legal challenges and public attention. We are a young, small organization of passionate activists and patriots in the solid BLUE state of California, and in one of its most progressive cities, Santa Cruz, a coastal town a stones throw from Silicon Valley and San Francisco. We represent a political minority that has been unduly villified and scorned by mainstream media and the weapons used to silence us of the big tech oligarchs. We reject those who falsely label us, and we refuse to stand down to their cancel culture. We challenge local governments and organizations who use their positions of power to silence their political opposition. Ultimately, our goal is to create working models that can be deployed in other blue cities, where fellow conservative activists can re-establish free speech again in their own cities without fear of the consequences. Once free speech has been regained and "normies" feel safe again to share their opinions, more members of the silent majority will come out to speak up against the intolerance of the left: at school board meetings, city council sessions, business associations and social media platforms.

Help us to keep our lights on through the first year of our existence as we build awareness and support in our crusade to preserve our most critical right--the right to speak freely.

Keep up the fight!

May God Bless You. May God Bless America.

Greg Hyver
Founder, President


Loosly formed in 2020, the First Amendment Rights Preservation Society, Inc. (FARPS) is a grassroots, 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Santa Cruz, CA. We are a nonpartisan organization of patriots and conservative activists who love our country and its constitution, and who are willing to agitate to ensure their preservation, especially the free speech rights of the "silent majority." We agitate at the local, national and global levels--from Big Tech censorship on the internet to the suppression of the Uighur Muslims in China. FARPS is a flag bearer of the new revolution, of a new breed of conservative activism that is both aggressive and peaceful, but always stays committed to protecting the free speech rights of future generations of Americans.

Our formation was derived from two separate experiences of our Founder, which aided in his realization that the 1st Amendment was under a massive attack by the Left in our country:

1. 2016 Donald Trump Rally, San Jose CA - rally attendees, including families, were attacked by violent Antifa and La Raza protesters while the San Jose Police Department stood by to watch per stand down orders issued by the chief of police. A day later, the Democrat mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, instead of blaming the violent agitators, blamed Donald Trump for the attacks. The founder of FARPS participated at the rally and was chased down for carrying a Trump placard. He later joined a Class Action Lawsuit against the City of San Jose and its police department for creating conditions that placed rally attendees at risk of physical harm. The suit was settled out of court in 2020.

2. 2020 Big Tech Censorship Ramp Up, Silicon Valley CA - having spent his entire career working for Silicon Valley tech companies, our founder was repulsed by the targeting of conservative speech by the leadership of these liberal-progressive companies that monopolized the digital public square. He established a YouTube channel (UncoveringBigTechAbuses) and livestreamed one-man protests in front of the headquarters of Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and others demanding an end to targeted censorship per section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.