In the jumping game Geometry Dash Lite, you have to use your own character to jump over geometric obstacles. At first, you can choose one of four square symbols: a spaceship, a saw, a flying saucer, or a ball. Each of these can be made in a choice of two different colors. After picking your character, you can choose to finish the level in practice mode or normal mode. There are a total of seven stages, and as you go through them, you get a percentage of how far you've come. If you don't mind trying over and over again, this will be a lot of fun.

As you move through each level in geometry dash lite, the mood changes. For example, the first level is called "Stereo Madness" and has a number of obstacles that are based on stereotypes. In the third level, Polargeist, you have to keep jumping while making double and triple jumps to get higher and further.