My son, Josh, wants to open a coffee shop. Not like Starbucks... an old-fashioned coffee shop where people come not only for yummy coffee, but also for a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. A place where they can sit and chat with friends, use the free WiFi to get some work done, or just relax after a long day. He will offer several types of coffee (for drinking in-house, or to-go), teas, muffins, scones, cookies, etc.

The problem: he's 18 and has no credit. The bank is (naturally) hesitant to give him a small business loan. He has a credit card (from this same bank) for building up his credit, but his age is against him.
We have done some "market research" and people are very excited about the idea. There isn't a coffee shop nearby, and people have expressed the desire for one. There is an attraction nearby that draws people from all over the world. We just know his business venture will do well.... he just needs some startup capital.
He doesn't want to beg for money, so once his coffee shop is up and running, everyone that donates at least $30 will receive a tumbler and lid, with the logo of his coffee shop on it, as a "Thank You" gift.
If you cannot donate, we would appreciate your prayers for his success in this venture. Thank you.