My name is John Magoola. I am running as a Republican for the Michigan State House of Representatives. I am not a politician nor do I have previous political experience. I am merely a single father who has gone from commentator to activist, and now I'm trying my hand at politics.

I was born in New York City (condolences welcome), lived much of my childhood in Prince George's County, Maryland, and have lived in Lansing, Michigan for the last 25 years. I have a son and daughter ages 10 and 7. 

I have always been interested in politics and have been involved in political debate since I was 19. I co-hosted a commentary podcast for a year, with a friend back in 2018. I joined the executive committee of the Ingham County Republican Party in the fall of 2021. And this year, I decided to run for a seat in the Michigan state legislature.

The most important reason for me to run for this seat is that I decided in 2020 that I was done merely watching and commentating on the state of my nation. I want to take part in saving it. When I joined the Republican party in my county, I said the same. When I was asked to run for this seat, I chose to do so because I wanted to hold true to what I said. I believe this is a position from which I can do the most good for my community and I look forward to all I can learn in this process.