As many of you know but some of you may not, Jesse has dyskinetic quadriplegic CP as a result of a brain injury at birth. Though we have several in-home therapies throughout the week, a therapy intensive has been something that I've always wanted to do for him. A therapy intensive is an in-clinic option where you go everyday for a few hours a day, usually focusing on a specific goal. But unfortunately intensives are very cost restrictive and insurance doesn't tend to cover them. BUT...we've been offered the opportunity to take Jesse to the Austin area in March for a 3 week intensive focused on gait/walking! For free! This therapy center operates solely off of research funds, grants, and donations to provide intensives at no cost to families! He will go everyday, Mon-Fri, for 3 hours a day for 3 weeks. This is an amazing opportunity for him! But we will need to stay in the area for 3 weeks! And that's where the campaign comes in. I have found a vacation rental offering us an amazing discount at almost half the regular rate! But for 3 weeks, it is still a big expense. This is very out of our comfort zone to put out a request like this, but if anyone is able to help us make this a reality for Jesse, we would be both humbled and grateful! We need to put half down as a deposit by Dec 15, and the rest will be due in Feb.