Mid November our family experienced a dreadful shock. All was going well until my dad developed pain in his left shoulder. He visited the chiropractor. X-rays revealed two broken ribs. Dad was sent to the doctor.

The GP said there was something suspicious because my dad hadn’t received a knock or bump. Dad was then referred to the urologist who took a biopsy. The lab found aggressive prostate cancer which was metastasising into rest of my father’s body.

Dad has since begun oestrogen therapy and is also being treated by a specialist radiation oncologist and a medical oncologist. He is receiving bone radiation treatment, and soft tissue chemotherapy for the rest of his body.

There is no cure for my father, we only pray the cancer goes into remission. Dad has been so encouraged by folks he knows around the world, who have also suffered with this terrible disease, as they’ve been praying for him and sending him notes of encouragement. He is humbled.

My father is having difficulty coming to terms with the emotional impact of this cancer, more so than the physical pain. Please pray for my dad and mum as they navigate this tricky time. The scripture my father is holding onto is this, “God gives, God takes. God’s name be ever blessed.” Job 1:21

A few weeks ago my eldest daughter, Francesca, gave birth to my first granddaughter, Scarlett Nova Brien. She is a beautiful darling treasure, and Franny has taken to motherhood like a fish to water. She’s brilliant! We’re celebrating!

On the 1st of September this year, my Granny celebrated her 100th birthday. For me, this is quite something. 100 years… I just cannot fathom it.

I have never felt compelled to return to Australia, but now it is time for a brief visit. We need to be there for our family, for them and for us too. It’s absolutely necessary.

Billy, our adopted Nicaraguan son/brother, will not travel with us in this moment, as he doesn’t quite yet have the legal means to do so. He will remain in New York with our Seaburg family, whom we love.

Lorenzy-Ella and I don’t take a wage, we do what we do because we feel we are called… I ask you to believe with us for the money we need in order to get our COVID paperwork together, and for our flights. We’re currently needing to believe for around $5,000…

We need to return home to hug our family, to spend time with them, to love them… Thank you for your commitment to us! We feel blessed to have so many wonderful friends…

Happy New Year!


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