Ever since I was a kid, I heard stories from my parents and pastors about the mission trips they had been on. Short trips to Mexico, longer trips to India and Haiti, and a 2 month long trip to Honduras. Stories of how each and every trip impacted and changed their lives and the lives of the people they went to help or minister too. These personal testimonies impacted me as well. They made me want to travel to different parts of the world to help those in need. They made me want to experience the life changing moments others had told me about. 

My church is organizing a week long mission trip to Mexico, and this is going to be the first chance I've had to go on a mission trip. I decided to create this fundraiser to raise money to go on this trip. My trip will cost $1,200.  But this is easily within reach, especially with God helping out. Please give and pray so that I can go change the lives of others, and so that my life might be changed by the Lord forever. Thank y'all for the support. 

If you are unable to give financially, please give your time in praying for us. 
Please pray for safety, financial provision, encouragement for the local missionaries the Starlings, and for both physical and spiritual blessing over the villagers we’ll be ministering to.