This fundraiser will support the walk and benefit the start of our organization,
Jacob’s Audible
444 miles…
3 states…
30 days…
No days off…
…all from just a dad, who wants other families to have the support they need.
My husband, father of my children, Brad Meshell is making a huge statement for all the families affected by autism. If you know my husband, you know he doesn’t make quiet statements. This April, Autism Awareness Month, Brad will be walking all 444 miles of the Natchez Trace Parkway in 30 days to bring awareness to autism like no one else has ever done!
On September 13, 2021, our son Jacob was diagnosed with autism. As parents, our lives were changed forever. Right away, we took all the necessary steps to give Jacob the support he needed in the best way we knew how. Raising an autistic child is not a straight line. We needed to move and adjust things in Jacob’s life that best fit his direction and path. We had to change the play. We had to call an audible.
In honor of our son Jacob, my husband Brad and I decided to take the first steps toward an organization called Jacob’s Audible. We experienced other families’ needs for support and wanted to be part of that process. The process is our focus. We want to educate and advocate for families from the beginning stages until they receive the best care possible. Starting with early intervention and diagnosis, to finding all the resources available to meet the needs of the children. Our long-term goal is to address the legislative approach on autism. Advocating for change in medical availability in rural areas, eliminate waiting lists for all services, more financial support on a state and federal level, and building close relationships with other advocates and organizations in our city and state.
We will also provide financial support in the form of grants to anyone in need. We will create a community of hope, awareness, and understanding. Having autism in your family can be very isolating. Sometimes your resources can seem too limiting. We want parents to know they are not unaccompanied on this journey!! Sharing our story can help others. There is real hope. We can’t change autism, but we can change the play on autism!!
We are asking for your support to call the audible on autism. This walk is a huge statement!
What can I do for support?
Make a donation.
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Listen, so that you too might be able to help others!
Thank you for your support. Hugs of appreciation to all that support us!
Jaime Boone Meshell – Jacob’s mom