Thank you for considering a donation to help us reach the 60+ million Italian speaking people in Italy with our newest documentary, THE MIND POLLUTERS

There are countless stories of individuals and grassroots organizations using THE MIND POLLUTERS to help educate their communities to action. We have watched the Lord work over and over again as we continue to be banned and censored by Big Tech.  Against all odds, The Mind Polluters has played in State capitols, theaters, churches, schools, public libraries, and more, all over the United States. And the Spanish Dub that was created has played been streamed in over 40 countries since its creation a few short months ago. The Mind Polluters creates a stir and spreads like wildfire wherever its shown. 

In late January (2023) we were contacted with a request from Italy for an Italian dub and captioning of The Mind Polluters. We continue to marvel at how the Lord continues moving this film to places we never even thought possible, and the best part is Jesus Christ is proclaimed as Lord of our lives every time it’s shown!

Our filmmaking ministry, Fearless Features, relies 100% on the generous donations of others to help us share Jesus and educate others on the issues impacting our culture and society from a biblical perspective.

Can you help us reach our brothers and sisters in Italy with a tool to help protect the children in their communities?