being out of the country set my heart on fire for renewal. being on the field with adventures in missions fro nine months surrounded by 45 other college aged students opened my eyes to the need for renewal and equipping kids on college campuses. it lit a passion in me for student missions movements. it opened my eyes to the truths of how lacking the fullness of intimacy with papa is especially with kids my age. words of unity in the church body, building up future prophets and fathers, equipping, truth where clarity is drooled after, setting the tone for everyone around us and using creative abilities to only bring glory to Abba were all laid on my heart. this all centered around the unknown thirst for Jesus all in America as well. the holy spirit created tidal waves over the plans i had desired to do once i got home and instead brought me to a sweet sweet place with Him. i asked for His dreams and was given revivals on college campuses. i was given a supernaturally confirmed over and over opportunity to make my country one that shouts His name on every corner. all dis being said, this coming fall i am moving to Huntington beach for a ywam dts + outreach that works hand and hand with the organization @carrythelove + @circuitriders . i will be taught and equipped to encourage and uplift. my eyes, ears and mouth will be trained to speak words only from the lord. i will be pushed beyond belief and sent through fires to only come back purified and strengthened. after the three months of discipleship training school the hundred of us will be split into teams to tour college campuses hosting revivals, evangelizing and equipping students to create Christ community there. i am stoked beyond belief to walk with what i have learned these past nine months and humbly get to be poured into even more while using technical skills to worship and revive young adults. it’s daunting going from nine months of fundraising into another season of the same yet the lord has taught me how fleeting this time is. how money isn’t this controversial thing but a gift from the lord. any hoo keep your eyes peeled for prayer requests updates :P thank you for encouraging me so dang much. here’s to fires in the souls of all those around us.