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The Infinity Man project is much greater than simply a short film. It is an experiment, a social drama, an emotional commentary on homelessness and identity. But beyond all that, we hope through this and an accompanying documentary project and possible feature version we can highlight the incredible reality that sits on the surface of our lives. We see people every day, but what are their stories? What are their truths? That is what Infinity Man is about.
What is this project?

"Infinity Man" is a multi-faceted piece of film art.

A hybrid narrative-documentary-- The story and characters are all fictional-- eighty percent of the film is fictional and shot in classic narrative style. However, there is a sequence in which the main character ventures into Baltimore in search of his homeless father. This search will be shot using the real homeless of Baltimore with the intention of telling their stories through the eyes of our character. 

A deeply emotional examination of fatherhood-- The narrative of the film is meant to examine what the nature of fatherhood and who "father" means to a given person. Erik is a deeply conflicted character. The depth of his psychology is explored in all the detail that is possible. The hope is that the audience will come away with an emotional and moving experience. 

A subtle but profound social commentary-- Homelessness is a scourge on modern American society. I believe if people understood the humanity of the homeless then perhaps change would come easier. This film is meant to examine the nature of identity. Who is a homeless person? What is their story? Erik, the main character, in searching for his father is answering that question for himself. And so, the audience is meant to come away with a renewed perspective on homelessness and the homeless person as well as the damage a complacent and unforgiving society can inflict. 

What are you funding? 

The funds will go towards paying actors, feeding cast and crew on shooting days, and acquiring props and locations. Finally, any additional funds (with aid from our own resources) will go towards sending the movie to film festivals throughout the world and industry. 

We have applied for grants such as through the Ford Foundation to these ends. However anything you can contribute would be deeply appreciated and go along way towards our success.


Film production is all about time and resource management. 

Currently we are in our development phase. We hope to fully funded by April 8th. Up until that time we will be applying for grants, casting, and acquiring locations and props for our first shooting period. 

The script is split between present day and a flashback sequence. The flashback will be shot first on April 16th with preproduction for that period ending April 15th.  

We will then finish pre-production on the second shooting period which contains the rest of the present-day scenes on April 21st. We will shoot these over two or three days from April 22nd-23rd. 

We will then enter the post-production phase with a final film by May 7th. 

My school will hold a screening for the film a week after that. And we will schedule the backer screening for early June. 

Immediately upon completion of the film we will begin looking into festival admissions. Festivals that we are looking into applying for include: Lift-off Film Festival, NewFilmmakers New York, Pittsburgh International, Oregon Independent, and the Catalina Film Festival. 

As far as cost controls, most of the cast and crew will be made up on students, friends, and family. Principle actors will be local semi-professionals looking for a credit rather than a large pay check. Locations will be sourced from friends and ourselves. Equipment will be acquired through either a fully funded grant, JHU/MICA Film Cage, or Sidewalk Pie Production resources.  

We are dedicated to creating a quality project regardless of the resources we have at our disposal. I am no stranger to creating cinematic magic from practically nothing. That said, this will be the highest budget film I have thus far undertaken. Any donation is a huge step towards our minimal needs and maximizes our dreams.

Thank you!

Gregg Runnion

2017-03-20 14:27:17

Saw your movie team today in the city! Chase your dreams!

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Campaign Created by:
Caitlin Mcdonald Roswell, GA Follow

$1,020 of $10,000

10 % Complete 4 donation(s)

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