Eric, Brook and Beth Huston need some help in purchasing a device that will make it possible for them to stay in their RV. They recently found mold in their RV and have also been experiencing worsening health issues. This will help them until they can figure out next steps.

Below, I have pieced together some past posts from Naomi Neidich's past GoFundMe fundraiser:

Huston Family Fund-Rebuilding Our Lives After Loss From Mold

The Huston's experienced financial hardships when their daughter, Beth, contracted Lyme's Disease.

Within a short amount of time she went from being an active teenager to being home bound. 

After much time and testing her Doctor's didn't see the results to treatments they were hoping for.

They began to see toxic mold on her test results and the Huston's were advised to have their house tested for for toxic mold. The test results revealed that their house was not only preventing Beth from getting better but it was also making her much worse. Because of the medical bills from the past 5 years, they could not afford remediation of the house and lost all of their possessions - the same as the loss experienced by a fire or flood. The Huston's have now moved elsewhere and are facing financial crisis as they start completely over and struggle to pay for Beth's continuing medical bills.

The Huston family lost everything, their home, possessions, clothes, over the past two years due to the mold and have struggled financially for even longer than that, due to Beth's chronic illness for the last 6 years. They are living in an RV near Athens. 

Eric and Brook are now both working full time.