Psalm 18:32 
“It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.”

My dear family friend is facing homelessness. Everyone who knows her thinks of her as that person who goes above and beyond for everyone else; whether she knows them or not. She has helped so many overcome adversities for many years. She is an amazing mother and friend. I wish I could help her in the capacity she needs right now. After she took in some youth who needed her help, her husband of 11 years left her and she lost her job of 15 years in education. It's important to know how good she was at this vocation. She has a knack for working with young people, a remarkable gift, especially, for dealing with special needs youth. Sadly she isn't having any luck finding a new position. She should be celebrated for all she does for others. Instead, last week she was served papers by a debt collector and has to retain an attorney for court on October 2nd. Her lease is not being renewed do to her financial situation,and she currently has a negative bank account balance. In 30 days she will not have a home and doesn't have a place to go. She hasn’t been able to fill her prescriptions in months. The utilities have been turned off several times. The list seems to go on and on. Anything you can do to help my friend get back on her feet would be greatly appreciated.