This is a story about a Teenager named Kevin..   I'm a drywall Contractor here in Toronto.  I hired Kevin to help us with some renovations on some jobs, from time to time. Even though we didn't have enough work to keep us going, or keep him going. But he kept texting me and texting me, until I caved... I'm glad I did... And he's a great kid and a hard worker.. He's not a big guy, and had a hard time carrying in a few sheets of drywall.  So my guys would always take it from him and thank him for bringing it in. They knew he was struggling... I have a good crew,  solid guys that will help out anyone when they can..  I met them at the jobsite the next morning,  and one of my guys said we should teach him how to drywall... I thought sure, he would learn fast..  And then I found out the following day, my entire crew chipped in and bought him his first cordless drill and a pouch... You should have seen the look on his face... The guys helped and worked with him all day, they were happy to teach him the tools of the trade.. We were having lunch one day, and Billy, my lead guy asked him where he was living.. He told us he and his Mom had been living in her car for the past sixteen months.. As soon as he said that ,we were all trying to find them a place to stay. Within a couple of days Kevin gets this phone call from the Hospital and tells him his Mom's in bad shape.  So we took him to Sunnybrook and she was in intensive care.  Apparently she had suffered a ruptured bowel, and the Doctors didn't catch it right away. So within days she passed away.. Now Kevin had no one but us.. He didn't even have a driver's license. But he wanted to stay in his Mothers car.. When he did find a place, it was in a slumlord's basement. Concrete walls, a three foot kitchen and a bathroom with a toilet and a sink and a shower made out of plywood...  We didn't know, he didn't tell us...  The reason I'm posting this fundraiser is to raise funds for a really good kid, and help him get a decent apartment, and help him buy a headstone for his Mothers grave... He needs a better start in life, than what he's been through...  He doesn't know we're doing this, and he never asks for anything...  So please help Kevin.   Anything at all..

Thanks for listening...

David Swyers
Toronto Ontario