My name is Robin, and I started this fundraiser to support a special person in my family’s life, Kevin. It’s time for Kevin to move his self-defense gym to a new location. It’s expensive and difficult to change location and schedule, and I hope that by getting the word out, we can come together and help Kevin with this move.

Kevin’s gym isn’t just a business. As his friend, I would first describe it as a ministry of sorts. Kevin’s heart is for people. For serving and loving the needy, the broken, the victimized. His heart for people is enormous, and the gym is where he can express kindness and compassion to others, plus teaching real-life self-defense techniques.

Instructor, mentor, and counselor are just a few words that describe Kevin and what makes him an important small business owner. He is phenomenal at not only teaching Krav Maga but also teaching it in a way that relates to real-life situations. He takes the time to get to know people and to help them become the best version of themselves.

Most of all, Kevin does it all out of a heart that loves Jesus. He is not ashamed of his faith and has a beautiful testimony. He keeps the atmosphere in his studio positive, proving that you don’t have to use foul language or listen to filthy music to be a strong person and become a skilled fighter.

If you can help Kevin get established in a new space, it not only supports a small business but also supports an important ministry to victimized adults and kids. Thank you!