Kokua Cedar and 'Ohana

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Aloha Dear Friends and Family,  We come to you as an 'Ohana to humbly ask for any financial support you may be able give for our son Cedar Will 'Ohana Wentworth.  Cedar was in a serious dirt bike accident just a mile from our home on  Wednesday afternoon June 29th,2022.  His friend Kodie is a true hero as he had to make the split second decision to either carry him out to the main road or go for help.  Luckily carrying him out to the road they were able to get him to the hospital in Hilo in time to save his life.

Cedar is now diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury and has been in the Queens Medical Center Head Trauma Ward on the island of Oahu since. Today is day 14. He spent the first three days in a coma and through intense prayer was able to wake up 3 days later. He has recovered well in may respects physically and mentally but he has a long road to recovery as his frontal lobe heals from its wounds. He has to stay at Queens until he can function safely and then will go to an inpatient Rehabilitation Center on Oahu for as long as needed.  Cedar and his family all live on the Big Island of Hawaii and the hospital is on Oahu which presents great challenges.  He needs a proxy decision maker at this time and I his mother have stepped into that role and together with his wife we are maneuvering this process on Oahu in the big city of Honolulu, far from home. We are in a difficult situation as myself and his wife are not allowed into the hospital to be by his bedside because we have chosen to not get the Covid vaccine for moral and ethical reasons and we both have religious exemption.  We have offered to take a covid test before entering at the hospitals convenience but are still being denied access to his bedside.  We go to the hospital every day so we are close to him and continue to petition the management of Queens to allow us access.  Today after politely working my way up the chain of command and continuing to advocate for proof behind their reasoning that a vaccinated untested person is safer than an unvaccinated proven covid negative person I got a response from the upper level management team  that they are declining my request and they have no proof for their claims on this matter

. We luckily have been able to stay at the home of some extremely kind and generous friends of friends for the last 10 days.  Cedar and his wife have two sons age 2 and 4 and one on the way.  The children are being cared for at their home by family and Mom flies back when she can to stay with them and then returns to be close to her love. Cedar recently started a new business with his best friend Kodie doing land clearing.  They have made several large investments and have insurance and upkeep expenses but are very limited work wise until Cedar recovers well enough to drive an excavator and large dump truck.  Recovery is very unpredictable but best case scenario is still at least 4 months.  We are gathering what funds we can to help support them through this healing time so to minimize the stress of financial worries while he heals.  Cedar has a strong family support system and a secure home at this time but will need some cash to get him thru this.  We are also seeking funds to contribute to legal fees as we will pursue legal action against the hospital for not allowing our son to have his family at his bedside at such a critical moment.  Anything at all you can give will be greatly appreciated in every way and will go toward first supporting their family thru this healing time, second maintaining their business,  and third paying off any debt incurred from medical, travel and legal expenses.  Mahalo nui loa for your consideration at this time. May the Holy Spirit continue to comfort and sustain our Cedar boy and bring him back to his former kind and hard working self.  


Update #2 Good News!
July 25, 2022
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Aloha Dear Friends,  Good news,  Cedar has been in rehab since last Thursday and is doing very well.  He will be discharged from rehab next Friday and we will bring him home to Opihikao on Saturday July 30th.  It has been an incredible odyssey and I am sure he will be carefully healing and getting stronger over the next few months.  We will dp our best to help him stay relaxed and not try to go back to work which is already really on his mind.  Mahalo again for your financial kokua and mainly for your prayers.  They both helped so much.  For reals!

Update #1
July 20, 2022
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Aloha all,  I wanted to let you all know Cedar is making good progress and has been ready for release from Queens hospital into an inpatient Rehab facility over here. He is getting stronger and getting more balance and is ready for a regular and consistent routine of practice while his brain is healing.  Sadly the facility which is the only one on the islands is full and he is waiting for a bed and the doctors are insisting he wait at the hospital where we still cannot visit him.  We are all trying to be strong and patient and are praying like mad for that bed to open up.  We are hoping with all of our might for a return to home within two weeks!  Continued prayers for patience and for his brain to really heal in these next weeks and become even stronger and more brilliant than before!  So much love and light to you and all of your 'ohana.  Deanna and Keakealani


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