Do citizens have a right to look at ballots they believe were counted wrong? In a case that has garnered little attention so far in the mainstream press, a handful of citizens in Racine, Wisconsin, H.O.T. Government, challenged the results of a 1 BILLION DOLLAR local school referendum in April 2020 which PASSED by FIVE VOTES. H.O.T Government, a local Watchdog group, is made up of citizens who demand HONEST, OPEN, and TRANSPARENCY in our government AND in our ELECTIONS!
We asked to review the ballots we believed were incorrectly counted in the school referendum: “We as citizens, by State Statue, have a right to review contested ballots”. We were told NO, we do NOT! We then took our fight to Circuit Court. However, the court refused to address the ballot review issue and refused the case.
From there, we took our question and case to the Wisconsin Appeals Court whose response was, it was “judicial discretion”. WHAT? It turns out “judicial discretion” is where one judge’s “discretion” can determine your right to review ballots. We did not lose hope, however, but instead, asked for a miracle.
On June 16, 2021, we received the miracle we had been praying for! The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed to hear our case!
If you are wondering how a right to review ballots given to the people by the legislature can be taken away at the whim of a judge, you will understand what our fight is all about. WE THE PEOPLE- the Citizens, have an absolute right to review ballots we contend were counted erroneously and which, if corrected, would reverse the outcome of a BILLION DOLLAR TAX HIKE on the taxpaying Citizens of Racine County, WI.
Think Arizona Audit. This Case, like the Audit out in AZ has Statewide Importance in all contested races.
In April 2020, big government advocates including Racine Mayor Mason planned to force the people of Racine to shell out over a billion dollars to the Racine Unified School District over the next 30 years. This was the SAME Mayor Mason who spearheaded the Zuckerberg/Facebook/CTCL monies all over the State of Wisconsin for the November 2020 Wisconsin presidential election.
In a very unusual endorsement then-Presidential Candidate Joe Biden came out and supported the Billion Dollar School Referendum. THINK ABOUT IT? A candidate for the President of the United States took the time to endorse a School Referendum in the little forgotten City of Racine Wi? Were they TESTING ELECTION FRAUD strategies before doing it in the presidential election in November 2020?
The referendum supposedly “PASSED” by a mere FIVE VOTES out of over 33,000 counted. Except, the Citizens of H.O.T. Government believe it may have actually been defeated.
H.O.T. demanded a RECOUNT and monitored the six-day recount process where their fears were vindicated. The recount was CONDUCTED BY Racine Unified School District (RUSD) employees, JUDGED by RUSD administration staff, and OVERSEEN by the attorney hired by RUSD! Talk about a stacked deck!
H.O.T. alleged multiple votes were not counted correctly subsequently rendering the count inaccurate. Important decisions including remade ballots, absentee ballots and missing ballots were controlled by the tabulators and the Unified Board of Canvass, all employees of the school district who wanted the billion-dollar referendum to pass.
Some 60 votes were adjusted between the recount results and election day results. Yet, according to the canvassers (the aforementioned RUSD “associates”), the margin was yet again 5 votes in favor of the referendum. We asked to examine those ballots and were told NO!
H.O.T. proceeded with filing a lawsuit in Racine Circuit Court. The court stated, “The Court finds that a full, fair, transparent and accurate recount occurred”. Then it was on to the Wisconsin Appeals Court where we received a “No Decision” decision by the appeals court. It should be noted that If you want to know just how embarrassingly bad this NO decision-decision is, just know that NONE of the judges authorizing it had the guts to actually sign the “summary disposition”!
H.O.T. then files for review in WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT knowing there was a slim chance for review. There is less than an 8 out of 100 chance that a case submitted for review ever makes it before the Court. Local Resident and H.O.T. Government Supporter, George Meyers, who is one of the petitioners on the lawsuit stated “I have all but given up on the legal system”.
THEN, ‘The Miracle’ happened! The Supreme Court has agreed to review OUR CASE! There is hope after all for FREE, FAIR, HONEST, OPEN, AND TRANSPARENT ELECTIONS!
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Please pray for wisdom for all in this battle and if you can, please help us defray the costs of this expensive legal fight-----Thank you!
Oh, coincidentally? The RUSD’s Board of Canvassers have hired the same attorneys that Joe Biden has been using to support his presidential election challenges in the courts. Remember, there are no conspiracy theories, but there are also no coincidences.
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