I started this campaign for my dear friend Christina who just recently lost her job as a nurse in a hospital in Maine. The whole year of 2020 she worked as a hero in the face of the pandemic. She is a mother of three beautiful kids and a wife to an amazing husband. She lost her job for not being compliant with the mandate to take the covid 19 vaccine. She didn't choose to be terminated. She fought hard for her job and even wrote a letter explaining why this health choice was not for her. She showed laboratory evidence of her outstanding antibodies in response to having C19 all while she was 24 weeks pregnant. She then returned to work the very night she was cleared by the workplace health only 9 days after her positive test. She wrote senators, signed petitions, and she even showed up to peacefully protest. She has always been there for mothers who didn't think they were able to birth, for babies who needed holding while they detox, for mothers who have to labor for a baby who's heart is no longer beating, for the nurses taking on unsafe nurse to patient ratios and for the new moms who just need a shoulder to cry on. She worked so hard, prayed so hard and cried for this job that she loved and it was all taken away in the blink of an eye. Please help give a little hope to Christina and her family as they navigate through this difficult time. Whatever you find in your heart to give will be a huge blessing. Every little bit helps.