We are fighting for the rights of parents to civilly and respectfully provide their feedback to schools, without fear of retaliation from the school's Administration or Board.  Our two children were expelled from what used to be a traditional school, Charlotte Latin, located in Charlotte NC, in retaliation for providing feedback that did not align with the views of the ultra "progressive" new Headmaster.  See our story on www.honoraboveall.org. 

What happened to our children is heartbreaking.  The Headmaster expelled our two young children, immediately and without warning, to intimidate the 60 parents that had joined with us to express concerns and engage in dialog with the Board. Neither we, nor our children, did anything wrong.  The Headmaster, Chuck Baldecchi, wanted to create a culture of fear among the parents and faculty.  He expelled our children to send a message that if you opposed his dramatic changes, you're next!

We will be suing the school, the Headmaster, and the Board, since the Board had promised our group that they would not allow retaliation for our feedback, then refused to review what he did.  We intend to fight this expulsion in the courts.  We will use all additional proceeds to help parents nationwide that have found themselves being threatened for raising questions or concerns about their children's education.  We have been saddened to learn that this type of situation is happening all over the country.  Parents need help. We intend to set up an organization to do just that!  Your assistance with this cause would be greatly appreciated.