As embarrassing as it is and as much as I hate to admit it, my family has dealt with CPS more times than I would like to count. However, every encounter has found NO evidence of abuse or neglect! In fact, we have already been to court with CPS once and WON! Now, we are dealing with them again and have had enough of them violating our constitutional freedoms and civil human rights! 

On Wednesday afternoon, November 4, 2020, I, Erica Pettinaro, took my 10-month-old son Lincoln into the emergency department at Hurley Hospital in Flint, MI. I had changed his diaper and found he had black stools and had pooped a small button battery. The hospital took x-rays and found what looked to be another battery. The doctors at Hurley recommended we be transferred to Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. So being a concerned parent wanting the best for my child, I consented to transfer. They gave him an IV and told me he could no longer eat food or nurse in case he needed surgery.

Once we got to U of M, they took additional x-rays and found the supposed battery had moved. This was a good sign, and they suspected him to not need surgery, but he still could not eat or nurse. Just in case.

After almost two days of being in the hospital and having additional x-rays that showed the "battery" was continuing to move and nearly out, I convinced the doctors to allow him to eat and nurse. Soon after, he had a bowel movement. He did not have another battery in him, inside it was a pencil eraser. Not metal, just the tip of the eraser itself. He had another x-ray, it showed he was clear and had no other foreign objects inside him and was okayed to go home.

As his father, Jason Damon, and four older siblings drove an hour to pick us up, the doctors and nurses began the discharge process. They took his IV out. They cut his security band off. All we needed were discharge papers. 

Once Jason arrived at the hospital, I went to give him our only cellphone so we could contact each other and I knew where he would be once we were completely discharged. Note that this was THE ONLY TIME I had left him alone, the entire time we were in the hospital! I didn't even go to the bathroom without taking him with me! As soon as I walked back into my son's hospital room, a social worker was waiting for me. 

I was told CPS was coming to see my son and that I was not allowed to take him home before they saw him. They said that if I tried to leave the hospital with my son, they would be calling the police and have me arrested. They forced me to allow CPS to see my son and made me sign a "safety plan" or else I wouldn't have been able to leave the hospital with my son.

They had no court orders or warrants to hold us in the hospital. They had no right to coerce me into doing anything, yet they knew I was alone, sleep-deprived, and not even in my own city! They took advantage of my son being in the hospital and basically threatened me with medical kidnap!

I am asking for help to fight CPS from being able to harass me or my family! We are seeking legal advice but as a family with 5 children, we are not financially able to afford an attorney. We expect this to be a fight in court and could use any help we can get! 

Thank you for all your love and support!