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I am planning a trip to go stay with my Mama the month of November.
This ^ above photo was one of quite a few fun selfies we took when I was with her in June ;)

Mama has been alone since July 1. And, she is closing in on 85 years young.
A couple visits from cousins have graced her door step.

She has had some help, and a man mows her yard around the house.
But, she has been doing some outdoor jobs herself…that make me nervous,
as her daughter... like mowing the half acre field down by the road, for one.

I am intending to do whatever might be needed for her winter ahead there,
and to get a better backup heating system in her fireplace for her, for winter storms.
The power goes out more often there than in the south.
She will be alone through the winter.

Also, planning to start going through some of her things, gathering items to sell,
to donate...she keeps a well-organized home, but I am not up on what and where
things are, the way I need to be.

Her own home, even with failing eyesight, 
remains the absolute best place for her to be,
among familiar belongings and surroundings, friends, neighbors, church folks.
My brother Tim, and now my dad are both buried in that little church cemetery.
And, she can still be found each morning, sitting in her rocking chair,
Bible in her lap, and coffee cup on the end table,
following along with her Alexander Scourby Bible cassette tapes. 
Not a morning I didn't see her with Bible and coffee, all my growing up years!
This time with her is precious for both of us.

So, I am in need of help in paying my bills at home while I am away with her.
Driving with my kitties again the 900 mile trip, to be there and then share
Thanksgiving with her...and any other of family who might surprise us with a visit!
For anyone who helped us before, thank you for your generosity.
Please know there are no expectations.
Whoever smiles when thinking of helping this time, thank you in advance. ♥
Oh...and prayers for the right direction for her to take regarding her eyesight,
and for a recurring cough, are cherished.

-Sharon ♥

From Here and BELOW >>>
This was the first fundraiser of May of this year, just before
Daddy passed away, and with 4 updates to follow. I am leaving them
here, so they can be enjoyed, and you all can see what you helped me
to be able to do, whether in monetary gifts or through reaching out, 
just being there for us, and in your prayers. <3 I so enjoyed being with
Mama in her home. During that month of June, I came to realize that the
best place for her IS in her home, in familiar surroundings
she has known for 20 years, the right climate for her, her little church just
down the road, and with the friends and neighbors she has known for a long
time now. Staying in her own home...well, it's a gift.

First letter to all, dated May 31, 2018 =

There are expenses I wish to help my Mama with, in regards to her
welfare, now that Daddy has passed. All prayers and support aid
tremendously. I am leaving tonight, May 31, for Virginia to be with her.

Original posting:
Mama has made the hardest decision of her life! Both my parents are 84,
and have been married almost 58 years. 
She and the pastor, the end of today, gave the medical team at the hospital 
the go-ahead to take Daddy off the ventilator. I am not there with her.
I am few states away, letting her know that I stand with her.
We have not yet heard the outcome, but as of today, his heart, liver and kidneys
have failed, and he is still comatose, after having all sedative out of his system.

Recently making a move across states from 22 years in Colorado to be near family,
I've not had a breather to establish myself in business. 
Traveling expenses (gas) and living expenses (rent and set bills) for one month
are my short term goals. 

I need to go to Mama. 
With your help, I can drive to her and walk with her through whatever arrangements
and changes are necessary for the future.
The Father is gracious in our distresses. We've been blessed by so
many loving hearts coming alongside us in recent weeks.

Thank you for undergirding us, for your prayers and comforting friendship, family 
and friends!

Update #1 
May 29, 2018, 8:47 am

Daddy passed away at 1 am last night. 
Thank you for helping me get to Mama,
that I might be there to help her with the
planning, memorial service, and future 
plans. And, your prayers are cherished.
We love you!

Update #2 
June 4, 2018, 5:33 pm

I am with Mama, and the memorial service did cost
more than I ever thought it would. Daddy's body was
laid in the ground beside my brother, Tim's, who
passed away nearly 18 years ago.

I had driven my 900
miles straight, and was treated with being able to meet
a second cousin here who arrived to be with Mama
earlier than I could get here. My kitties are with me.

Thank you for your help and for your prayers for us. =)

Thoughts for an extension on the front deck steps are
in initial stages, to make them safer for Mama to be
able to continue living here. At present the steps are
just too steep and the landing too short with the door
opening onto it...a tripping hazard. Also thinking that
She might do well to have a propane space heater for
the times when winter storms here knock the power
out. These are details of needs I am trying to take a
look into. I can get a photo to share in an update soon.

Update #3 
June 12, 2018, 9:59 pm

Mama and I are working around the outside of her home.
I've been concerned a little with her front stoop being so steep,
so have been working on the corner leading up to her sun room as an alternate route,
if she wants to use it sometimes...especially on days she might not feel like climbing.

Also, we are getting dental and vision appointments made for her, after researching
which routes are the best to take with these. She has been so busy with Daddy's care,
that some of her own health issues have had to wait. She couldn't leave him alone for
long. Looking into a more updated cell phone...these types of things, for a safer future
for her.

Update #4 
June 16, 2018, 2:37 pm

Mama and I have been busy weeding around her house. 
We shampooed carpet, and have been cleaning inside
and outside. 
Have also been making trips to government offices, court
house, setting affairs in order, financials.
A little more peace of mind.
Mama will need our prayers and comfort when I have gone home,
more than ever, as it will be lonely around here for her.
And health issues will be tackled, one at a time.

Thank you for making it possible for me to be here,
to stay here, long enough to be of help and relief. 

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Campaign Created by:
Sharon Tegtmeier Bossier City, LA Follow

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