To those whom are considering assistance with our situation, thank you for your consideration.  My name is Mark Maurer, I am an American living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  My wife Brenda is from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.  Here is our situation:  In mid-February I was left my position as sales manager for a resort in the marina in Puerto Vallarta.  Brenda was almost 7 months pregnant, at the time, with our second child.  We had been praying and felt it would be best to have the birth in Republic of Congo in order to have many of her family members help with the first few months.  Acting in faith, we proceeded to sell all of our, kitchen items, baby items and more.  We had essentially sold most of our items and only are vehicle was left to sell.  On March 18, 2022 a man came to our home inquiring about our vehicle in the Facebook ad, proceeded to make an offer, we accepted the offer and within 20 minutes my bank app appeared with the deposit for the purchase of our vehicle.  I expected the money to be available the following day, but the money was fraudulent deposit and we were left without the money or the suv.  After filing reports and turning in everything we had on the criminals involved there has been no news involving our stolen vehicle.  

Despite this major setback ($12,000 loss) we still believed that God would find a way to get us to Republic of Congo before our baby was born, but that was not meant to be...

On April 6, 2022 we were blessed with the arrival of our baby girl Maëlys, born healthy (56cm 4.2 kilos) thanks be to God, but came home the following day to a virtually empty house, as we had sold most of our items with the exception of our bed.  This all leads up to the heart of the matter...after dealing with the hospital bill, not having worked in 2 months, and a $12,000 US dollar loss on our stolen vehicle we were left very vulnerable position.

On April 9, 2022 in mid afternoon, our two year old son named Marek Eyden Maurer was watching tv downstairs (loves educational vids) while Brenda and I were attending to our newborn upstairs on the only bed in the house.  I had purchased a evenflo bottle warmer because Brenda was not lactating yet, so the baby was still having formula.  Our son came upstairs and entered the bathroom near our master bedroom, where we had put all the newborn items and pulled down the bottle warmer on to him from the counter top and was instantly scalded from the hot water warming a bottle.

I will spare the audience the tragic details for my own trauma and out of respect to our family, but I know you wouldn't want any person to experience this level of pain and especially not a small child.  Marek was burned from the mouth down his entire chest and a few places around shoulder and back.  The most independent human being I have ever known, who is active at all times until he finally runs out of energy, is now in a bed all day in a special burn unit in Guadalajara.  Our one week baby went with my wife to Guadalajara in the ambulance and now Brenda is either in the special burn unit with our son or spends a few hours with our baby to breastfeed and nurture. 

I have taken a position and I have begun to work again to try to make some money to get on track, but it's a big uphill from this point.  We have been blessed from much wonderful support from many of the people that we know here locally, but it is likely not nearly enough for the next 6 weeks of care.  

We are praying for some support from those that may be able to identify with our situation and if one is in a position, we would appreciate any form of contribution to help our family through this challenge. I prayed last night for a solution and this morning my mom messages me asking if I thought about making a givesendgo campaign.  When I found that it is a Christian venue, I knew that it was the right place for us.

We don't want to display pictures of our son in his current state (I don't believe you would want to do that either), but let's just say it would likely make you cry if you did.  However, we prayed over our son on the night of the accident in the name of our savior Jesus Christ and we know that we will fully heal by our faith in Him.  Our challenges are financial (not sure what everything will end up costing) and that our family is separated from each other with a newborn in the mix and a son that requires a mother or father to be with him constantly.

We greatly thank you for any support...God bless y'all

Mark, Brenda, Marek and Maëlys Maurer all thank you from our hearts 

Galatians 6:2

2 Corinthians 9:6-8