When the Holy Spirit fills you with a dream, we need to put legs to it. We're a small town Coffee Shop in an Eastern North Carolina town with an idea on how to serve the people more.

Moving here from Seattle 5 years ago (by faith), we started out by roasting coffee beans to sell. Skip 2 1/2 years later, the Holy Spirit encouraged us to open a coffee shop. My plan was to operate it part time while working full time elsewhere. But God... 10 days after opening, I was fired from my FT secure job. 

We are now open FT in a somewhat sleepy summer town depending on the locals to keep us afloat.  Well, of course it's God who we depend on wholly, but He uses the people. We transitioned to sell ice cream, then to small sandwiches & hot dogs to supplement the income, but had to shut that down for now until we can rent another building. (The hot dogs not the ice cream part). We encourage local bakers & crafters to sell their goods here. We also are a mission field with tears and prayers going out the door everyday. 

God deposited an idea of making donuts here, and that's why I am asking for your help. The startup for the machine and mixes will run around $600, and with packaging, display case, advertising and other things we don't foresee yet, I'd say it would total around $900. The other $100 is to tithe. 

We have been able to pay our bills for the shop and do not want to go into debt at all with this startup. After all, isn't letting God meet all our needs according to His riches in glory what it's all about? ??‍♀️

So I'm asking for you to pray and consider how to help. We are responsible Christians with a strong sense of accountability to our Heavenly Father. We attend a local church that we are accountable to, and are in good standing with them. 

And I Thank you ??