My sweet friend and coworker Jeannine (who would kill me if she knew I posted this) is a Hurricane Ian victim. Jeannine lost everything in the flood - all of her furniture, clothing, family photos and momentos, and her car. Jeannine and her tiny adopted Chihuahua escaped to safety as her house started taking on too much water during the storm. 

To know Jeannine is to love her. She is the most selfless, compassionate, and caring person I know. Jeannine has given over 30 years of her life to working with foster youth, troubled teens, and domestic violence victims. She has touched so many lives in her career, all while raising a daughter who has also selflessly given many years to a career in the child welfare system. She is an animal lover and loves advocating for any person or animal that can’t advocate for themselves. Jeannine has overcome losing a home to a fire, beat cancer, and still takes on every challenge she faces with a positive attitude. I believe God has so much purpose for her life and that she will continue to change lives for years to come!

These donations will go directly to helping Jeannine fund her new car and home and replace all of her lost furniture, appliances, and household needs. Please help me in blessing my friend through this hard time however you are able. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. If you are unable to give monetarily at this time, please help me cover Jeannine in prayers and positive thoughts. If you have any kind words for Jeannine, please share them below or send them to me privately and I will share them with her when we gift her with the donations.

Thank you!