Hello everyone, my name is Adel Kuchyk. My husband Misha and my little brother Max had to flee from the war in Ukraine to the U.S. and seek shelter. A lot of kind people we met on this path and never felt alone. We finally started to realize what is like a normal life, but still grieving for our nation. Our family and friends are still currently on the occupied territory - city Melitopol. We want so badly to evacuate them and reunite, but unfortunately, we don't have enough finances for travel expenses. That's why my husband and I decided to create this GiveSendGo page, so that maybe you could donate just one cup of coffee, and we can save the lives of our family. Here are some messages from them:

Angelica Surzhykova (21) -  my husband's sister and my best friend

"In February, my quiet life was replaced with constant anxiety. My friends and relatives left the city in the first month.  When I go out into the street, I have to think many times before I say something. After all, there are soldiers with weapons everywhere in the city, agents who eavesdrop as people walk around, machine gunners drive armored personnel carriers. And every wrong word or photo of the city in the phone can turn into a disaster.

People are constantly kidnapped in the city, more than once they were our acquaintances. It is very scary that the next time it will be one of my loved ones. I'm terrified at the thought that the military has no account to anyone here. They do whatever they want. Churches are being closed, property is being confiscated, humanitarian aid is not allowed here, and people are being intimidated. I volunteered for a charity organization. But the Russians closed it too. They stole the director and now there is a military headquarters. But what we did wrong... we only distributed medicines and food to sick old people...

Day and night, explosions, bursts of machine guns, screams, the rumble from helicopters and from the launch of shells towards Ukraine are heard. We see and hear it every day for six months and just pray for it to be over in our lives...".

Anton Ryzhenko (27) - Angelica's husband

"Our life began to stop every day". At the beginning of the war, God blessed them with the wisdom to earn money for a living, to live in the city for the next few months. However, they immediately lost jobs, prices skyrocketed as expected, and Russian soldiers are walking around everywhere, imposing their own laws and regulations. Now he understands that in the near future there will be no former, pre-war life in the entire occupied territory, and the military situation and living conditions around are getting worse every day.

"Personally, I worry more not for myself, but for my wife. I understand that I have a special responsibility for her, which God has given me. And it is important for me that we live our lives happily. God gives us the opportunity to live differently, in different conditions and to be reunited with our relatives. So I pray to be a useful minister in the place where I will live. I want to glorify God with my new, changed life".

Igor Cherkas (34) - our mutual friend

"I am looking for an opportunity to leave the occupied territory, since it is not known what will happen to me next.  Whether the projectile will fly to me or not, the invaders will take me away or not. If you can help us with this opportunity, then thank God for you and His mercy and help".

We are praying for God moving and if the Holy Spirit opens your heart towards giving - we'll praise Him for that. But if you choose to support us in prayer, we'll really appreciate it.