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Grace Community Church will be partnering with Poverty Resolutions ( to take part of a project to travel to and serve the people of Haiti.  The mission of Poverty Resolutions is to raise awareness about worldwide poverty, to inspire others to act, and to make a difference where we serve. 

Poverty is a global problem and there is great need in many countries, including the United States. But after the 2010 earthquake, Poverty Resolutions was founded to make a difference in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Prior to the earthquake, Haiti was the poorest country in the Americas; the earthquake made a bad situation much worse. Over 100,000 people were killed in the earthquake and an additional one million were displaced. Tent cities sprung up in fields and on sidewalks. Many continue to live without access to clean water, proper sanitation or adequate nutrition.

We have the opportunity to partner with Poverty Resolutions to have a real tangible impact on the lives of the people in Haiti.  Some current projects underway are the contruction of a transition center, the building of greenhouses to increase agricultural production, and on site orphanage support.  

The transition center will provide vital vocational training for young men to help them learn to support themselves and their families.  The greenhouses will help the community grow more plentiful and lucrative crops which will in turn make a powerful impact on the economy of the community.  Lastly, orphanage support provides vital care and nurturing for children who otherwise would not receive any.

We'd love to have you partner financially with us to make this project a reality.


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Campaign Created by:
Grace Community Church Chalfont, PA Follow

$3,464 of $30,000

12 % Complete 1 donation(s)

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