Our team of drone pilots had an incredible opportunity to film the Combat Medic Warrior Competition for Army Medics world wide.  We worked diligently with the Federal Aviation Administration, Ft. Hood Company Commanders, Battalion Commanders, even "Big Army" meaning US Army Air Space Agency, the Department of Defense and the Pentagon.

     We were grounded because our drones did not possess a cyber security certificate that met the Department of Defense standards. So we are working to raise funds for a Skydio X2E which is made in America and comes with the Department of Defense Cyber Security Certificate. 

     It's a lofty goal of $15,000 but if that means we can film our courageous and talented soldiers, it will be worth the investment.  In the meantime, we will keep flying, and putting out stunning videos.  If you can help our pilots, a veteran and an active duty soldier, we promise not to let you down.  One Country, One Team.