In the spring of 2021 I started on the process of opening a non-denominational part time Christian preschool in Camden or Delphi Indiana.  I did all of the steps to open the preschool but was unable to find a location in one of those two towns because I was working at a daycare in Lafayette.  It's June 2022 and I'm in the process of finding a location so I can open the day after labor day or in January 2023.  It would be more ideal to open in September but I need the funds to purchased classroom furniture, preschool learning activities/items, pay the rent for the room in a church, and to get liability insurance etc.  My goal is raise $400 a month starting tomorrow Monday, June 6th...that is $100 a week.  $400 a month is my minimum goal...raising more per month would be helpful especially in order for me to open in September 2022 (like up to $1,000 a month).