Supporting Glenn Bates' Family

Campaign Created by: Crystal Crawford

The funds from this campaign will be received by Antoinette Bates.

Goal: USD $18,000
Raised: USD $ 5,570

My brother, Glenn Bates, suffered a sudden stroke on November 12th. He passed away 8 days later, after spending more than a week unconscious and on life support in the ICU. He was only 54 years old, with a wife and six children, two of whom are still very young.

Glenn was a retired Army Ranger and a man who wholeheartedly loved both God and his family. After straying from his faith in early adulthood, he returned to it passionately over a decade ago, and spent the last ten years devotedly serving his family and others. He and his wife, Antoinette, opened their home to Christians often, some of whom even lived with them for extended periods. They have always been eager to show love and share their faith with others, and very active in the local church. My brother served as a contact point on the church's website and often preached and helped lead worship services. He was a family man, and he loved children! In addition to his four biological children (who are all grown and married now), Glenn and Antoinette also adopted two babies through Sacred Selections over the past few years. (The girls are now ages 3 and almost 5). Glenn also leaves behind four grandchildren (whom he adored!), two sisters, and his parents, Joe and Shirley Bates.

My brother's wife, Antoinette, is now facing immediate financial needs in the wake of his passing. Glenn was unable to qualify for life insurance due to chronic medical conditions, and in addition to losing his income, Antoinette is now facing the need to pay his medical bills, funeral expenses, upcoming property taxes on their home, and more, in addition to all the transitions ahead in adapting to life without her husband.

A few years ago, my brother sent me a book of poems he had written, asking for my help in formatting them so he could print them for his family. I want to include an excerpt here of one of them, as I think it best communicates his heart and the kind of man he was:

You Are My Reason

You are my reason for loving,

My heart and all I am comes from you,

There’s no wonder in my mind

That  can’t by your hand come true.

You are my reason for living,

It was spoken, and here I am.

I’ll love you all of my days,

The very best that I can.

You are my reason, 

My purpose in the night and the day,

I give you my heart forever,

I am yours in every way.

Dear Father, Lord Jesus, 

My will you gave to me,

I humbly give it back to you, 

Every joy, every happiness that I will ever have,

I know comes through…

Your love,

Your love,

Your love.

You are my reason,

You are my reason.

Your love is my reason.

My brother's death has been a shock to our entire family, and the financial burden of this loss on top of everything else is going to be very heavy for my sister-in-law to carry.  My heart in starting this fundraiser is that we could rally around her, and help alleviate those financial burdens, so that she can grieve the loss of her husband and focus on caring for their children. I know my brother wanted nothing more than for his family to feel the depth of God's love for them, and it's my prayer that, in this hard time, they will also feel the love of others God has placed in their lives who care about them. This is a tangible way of doing that, by helping supply their needs.

If it is put on your heart to give, please know that all donations will go directly to Antoinette, to help cover the financial burdens she faces and to ease the transition as the family adjusts. I am genuinely grateful for any amount you may choose to give toward helping them. 

In love,

Crystal Crawford

(Glenn's youngest sister)


Update #1: Thank You
December 16, 2022
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I just want to personally say Thank You to everyone who has donated in support of my brother's wife and children, and for every single message of encouragement we've received, and for all the many prayers I know have been (and still are being) prayed on their behalf. Over $4000 has been donated of the $18,000 goal so far, and I am so grateful! I know the rest of  family is, too.  Your generosity and your prayers are such a blessing to our family!

Thank you again, sincerely. 



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