Over the last two years, many of us had no one to turn to when our loved ones needed serious, medical, life-saving medicines and help. Physicians willing to save our lives were difficult to find.

One of those doctors met the demand and risked it all to honor his conscience and hippocratic oath. The level of relentless self-sacrifice is beyond an appropriate level of thanks. 

What happened?

The state filed an investigation; however they were not successful. Thank GOD.  He was slapped with a $5000 fine by the state, and has to pay $14,000+ for a monitoring company to do quarterly review of his paper charts and another $1,100 for an online course on record keeping that the state is mandating.

All in all, it's around $20,000, if not more when it's all said and done. Not only that, he is on probation for a year.

Please help support our heroic Dr. Talia and show him how grateful we are for bravely serving The People. If you or someone you know and love was the recipient of this man's self-sacrifice and care, it is time to give back.

If you believe in good doctors that follow conscience and honor their hypocritic oath, give to this cause. If you know that you or someone you love may need a good, honest doctor in the future, please consider donating. 

$50 or another amount will help and honor someone who was willing to stand on the front lines when others were not.  Thank you very much