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What is our goal?
Our goal is to help as many of the needlessly blind receive the gift of sight as we possibly can.

What is our Campaign?
Our Campaign is simply a goal to raise enough support to help at least 1 person per month receive the gift of sight.

Why we chose to help the blind?
Without the gift of sight, the world is often a very dark, scary, depressing, and too often cruel place; and it doesn't always have to be. For a comparatively very small contribution, people's lives are forever changed for the better. People regain a sense of purpose and become viable assets in their families and communities instead of outcast. In the end, this simple surgery cures more than just sight.

Which Countries receive help?
While we could only pick one country for our mission location during the campaign creation, support will actually help among 40 of the poorest countries.

Why developing countries?
The answer to this question is actually two fold.

  1. Gift the most individuals possible with sight, for the least amount of money.
  2. Help very poor communities become self-sufficient over time by empowering the local doctors and hospitals.

My wife grew up in Southeast Asia in an extremely poor household. Seeing this first hand, we feel a calling to help as many of the poor as possible medically. Developing countries are populated with poor families living on often times less than $2 per day. This kind of income makes it impossible for individuals to get the medical attention needed to be able to see again on their own. Blind children stay needlessly blind for life and have few options but to become beggars.

Our small donations, make a huge impact. The miracle surgery takes only 15 minutes to perform and costs very little when compared to the $5,000-$10,000 price tag here in the US. Through a small incision, the defective lens that’s causing the blindness is replaced by an artificial lens. After a short recovery period, the patient is able to see again and carry out an appreciative, normal live.

Donation breakdown:
  • $375 to provide a full surgery
  • $188 to provide half a surgery
  • $94 for anesthesia
  • $32 for surgical supplies

After surgeries are performed and we receive pictures of those you've helped, we will promptly upload them here for all to see. 


Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
MnM Foundation Cambridge, MD Follow

$0 of $4,875

0 % Complete 0 donation(s)

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