Steve Kogler was one of my former managers while I worked at Apple here in Delaware. He was always humble, gentle, compassionate, and great at serving our team and customers alike. He was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer last year after booking a special trip to Ireland to honor the 25th anniversary of his school. He reserved an Airbnb before his diagnosis, which cost $734.00. Airbnb is not honoring his request for a full refund despite his critical diagnosis and treatment that will take place in June. He has made this request six months prior to the date of the reservation. Airbnb will only refund $26.00, are charging him for a cleaning fee (for a stay that has not yet even happened) and the host has suggested that he “change his reservation” to another day, or next year. 

This is foolishness. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. We are given today to make the right choices to show mercy and compassion towards one another. It is a shame that this is how such a well known business chooses to “serve” their customers with no regard for each of our humanity, especially in Steve’s case.

Whether or not Airbnb will choose to do what would be honorable and right in this situation, myself and others are moved to make sure Steve is taken care of and recompensated for this, especially towards any medical expenses he might be burdened with.

Let’s come together to serve Steve in word and deed. Please, give freely out of the gladness of your heart. We know that even something small can be multiplied greatly in unity.