All donations will aid our work in advancing Freedom AND Truth!

We have a volunteer team successfully working to advance freedom and truth. Because we took action & stood our ground, a proposed city wide mask mandate was voted down.

However, freedom is not free.

Due to standing against unconstitutional mandates, several of us were told not to come back to work. Others are being forced out of the MNGOP because they took a stand for our Constitutional Rights and empowered the voice of WE the PEOPLE!


Our team is actively working to confront the excessive government influence & control of businesses, schools, hospitals, churches and even corrupt elements of the Republican Party! To combat the deceptive delusions and schemes, we are training and building an active community rooted in FREEDOM and TRUTH.


- October 2022, Fargo, ND - LET FREEDOM RING! Event

- October 2022, Fargo, ND - Conservative Leadership School

PAST Events

- July 2022, East Grand Forks, MN - Conservative Leadership School

- April 2022, Moorhead, MN: Guest Speakers - Jason Spiess, ESG expert; Pastor Matthew Trewhella,


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Thank you for your COURAGE to take a stand for Freedom & Truth!