On November 30, 2020 a group of Arizona Legislators responded to an overwhelming call from constituents to hold an Election Integrity Public Hearing. After legislative leadership failed to approve the hearing to exaine evidence of potential election mismanagement, Representative Mark Finchem took financial responsibility for what was originally supposed to be a $5,000.00 event at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Phoenix, AZ. As soon as press notification went out concerning the event, the community responded. The popularity for this event exploded, and the costs for security, hosting, set up, and audio/visual services increased significantly from $5,000.00 to nearly $25,000.00. 

As of February 14, 2021, a little over $10,000.00 has been donated by the community to pay off the personal debt that Representative Finchem covered with his access to on-demand credit. Now we have to finish paying off the remaining $15,000.00. 

Free and fair elections, and election transparency are the corner stone of free people and consent of the governed. Join us to help retire this debt so we can move on to another battle to protect our elections.