Save lives Stop Hospital Murders

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1. According to FLCC Critical Care Alliance COVID is 100% treatable when treated early.  See also and

2. Any COVID hospital death is due to denial of care or murder. 

3. This applies to the USA, too. Prior to May 2021 in Vietnam, the Total COVID deaths in the worst part of the pandemic in the preceding 18 months was less than 500 due in large part to rapid treatment /antimalarials. In June 2021, despite warnings of safety issues with patented and financially lucrative medical products labelled  COVID "vaccines", CDC and Pfizer rolled out the COVID "vaccines" and labeled the 30,000 deaths which followed as COVID deaths. These are known outcomes to the COVID "vaccine" and are consistent with  the Federal Fraud cases against US Health and Human Services showing 45,000 dead in the USA within 3 days of injection. Pfizer knew of the death outcomes in October 2020 including these NOT rare outcomes, despite what CDC says:

Guillan-Barre Syndrome     

 Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis/meningoencephalitis/meningitis/encephalopathy



Narcolepsy and cataplexy


Acute myocardial infarction


Autoimmune Disease

[Adverse] pregnancy and birth outcomes (80% miscarriage, still births)

Other acute deemylinating disease

Non-analyphylactic allergic reactions


Disseminated intravascular coagulation Venous thromboembolism  

Arthritis and arthralgia/ joint pain    

Kawasaki disease   

Multisystem inflammatory Syndrome in Children

Vaccine enhanced disease


As an International Health Forensic Analyst, I am assisting persons save their loved ones and hold the hospitals accountable. Serial killers Russ Cox, Steve Hester, Kenneth Wilson and others have murdered COVID patients for money on September 30, 2021, December 23, 2021, and January 12, 2022 by denying care, testing until there was a COVID positive, placing on COVID unit, coercing injection of lethal REMDESIVIR unlawfully against the patients will, dehydrating, causing kidney failure, pulmonary edema and multi-system organ failure due to the drug REMDESIVIR but the hospital calling it COVID, over saturating with oxygen, intubating,  placing on a ventilator, giving VANCOMYCIN, DEXAMETHASONE which further damage kidneys, induce ventilator pneumonia, kill the patient, write COVID as the cause of death on the death certificate and collect $200,000 from CMS for each patient going through this COVID death protocol. IVERMECTIN which is approved for off-label use is denied by the hospitals as it saves patients lives and the hospital makes less money. The families are excluded from their loved ones. If they know how, they can request a 2-way tablet, but most don't know how.  Families can call 911 and report a hostage situation if the hospital will not release the patient. Families need to have alternative therapy set up to save their loved ones from the hospital death protocols and keep them out of hospitals. Use the federal protocol to get them off the ventilator as this increases death by 60%. 

I assist families to navigate the hospital bureaucracy and bring in law enforcment, states attorney for criminal prosecution of the hospitals and navigate state oversight of hospitals who are killing COVID patients for money. This takes an inordinate amount of unpaid time. Your contributions will help me to help these families and to stop the hospital COVID murders. The high COVID death numbers are not due to treatable COVID but rather due to pre-meditated serial killing in the hospitals for money and labeling it as a COVID death. 

3. You can help by giving financially initially or monthly, and/or engaging in the resistance by writing and calling. Please write or call these hospitals and ask them why they are murdering COVID patients for money as COVID is 100% treatable. Ask them how much money the hospital receives to kill a patient. Ask them which gets the death drug REMDESIVIR, why,  and how much money the hospital receives to inject it.

a. Contact: Tel:502-629-1234


    Tel: 502.446-8000


            Beth Franklin Tel:(502) 446-8946

   Tel (502) 272-5009

b.            Inspector General  Tel: (502)-564-2888  Ask IG Mather why he has not pulled the operating license of NortonHealthcare due to the serial murders taking place under his OIG issued license.

c.             Email Tel 502-564-7954 Executive Director of Ethics Committee and ask her to investigate KY Inspector General Adam Mather for ethics violations under KRS 11A (1) thru (3) since he has not pulled the operating license of Norton Healthcare which is engaged in serial murder of COVID patients  for money; and he has the authority to investigate and revoke the operating license, but has been derelict in doing so. The full Ethics Committee address is:

      Ms Katie Gabhart, Executive Director

Executive Branch Ethics Commission
Capital Complex East
1025 Capital Center Drive, Suite 104
Frankfort, KY 40601-8205
Tel: 502-564-7954

d. Pray hard for repentance as this is the LORD's battle against pure evil. Save your loved ones from hospital murders. 

4. Additional Actions steps against a doctor recommending the COVID shot is file a criminal complaint as the FDA authorization October 26, 2021 was based on felony fraud since the FDA did not follow the law for public comments. The FDA is required to consider all public comments during the comment phase. As of October 25, 2021, The FDA had had only uploaded 1400 public comments. FDA IT personnel stated that they were understaffed, inundated with 114,000 comments and even working a year, could not upload the comments. That means that a 20 member FDA commission working 40 hour weeks could not review all of the comments as required by law. The FDA spent less than several hours in their public submission review making all of their actions unlawful and all of their decisions based on fraud. The doctors who participate in the unlawful actions of the FDA are  guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

File against doctor/hospital  for violating  21 US Code 50.23,  21 US Code 50.24 and for   engaging in promotion of COVID shot (violation of 18 US Code 241 and 242)  and COERCION to take COVID shot or REMDESIVIR or other  procedure in violation of 18 US Code 2331 (802) . File too with KY IG  Request he pull license in 24 hours. Include the Attorney General Complaint w MORE HARM_THAN_GOOD


Update #1 EVIDENCE: Fauci/Collins emails attempting to discredit epidemiologists
January 18, 2022
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Senator Dr Rand Paul, MD reported that Dr Fauci and former NIH head Dr Francis Collins tried to discredit leading epidemiologists in a effort to control the COVID narrative. See Dr Fauci\'s emails here and print in your filings with law enforcement.


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