The focus of The Galilean Family Fishing Lodge is for youth fishing.  A place of family and faith. This fundraiser is for phase one of the project which is to purchase and develop the land which will be located in Tate, Batavia or Williamsburg Townships in Clermont County, Ohio. The final decision is up to the Lord as we stand in prayer for His will in this endeavor. What we do know is that we have been in prayer over the focus of the concept of the lodge.  When God opens a door you will be dragged through it when it is His will!  We are not only changing the focus of The Galilean but we are also changing the size of the lodge while still maintaining an outdoor, natural feel and experience. Fishing is still going to be the main goal and in fact we will most likely launch our Fishers of Kids ministry from here and ultimately merge the two ministries. 
God's will has indeed been moving tremendously for our youth!
Thank you for your donations and prayers! God's blessings always! 
Jeff and Suzanne Coulter
This is  a message we received through our website. 
"I am a combat veteran Wounded Warrior from IRAQ OIF 1 and Operation New Dawn I have a TBI and PTSD. Saw your video on YouTube about what you went through as a peace Officer thank you for your service. I’m not one to ask for handouts and I’m willing to pay what I can for my son and myself to be able to go fishing with you and spend some time talking. My Beautiful wife has had to endure my struggles with the Physical and Mental pain of injuries and The VA and my depression. She is unfortunately sick and suffering with alcohol. I have through Al anon learned not to blame her because ultimately she would not wish or ask to behave that way. My son wants me to go fishing I am not very good at it some of my Brain Injuries have affected me. If it is GODs will would you allow us to go fishing with you. Thank you and by the Grace of GOD he will be able to learn how to cope and make it through all this. My son truly is an amazing young Man. Please help in anyway possible I’m truly grateful to GOD Bless you Both."