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YWAM Cartagena Basel

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Help a Family Survive one week more FOR 55 USD!

The COVID-19 restrictions have almost completely destroyed the income for many poor in Cartagena. As borders are closed for tourism, restaurants are closed and people are not allowed to go out, many workers have lost their small income.

35.000 Venezuelan refugees have fled from hunger and political oppression. Most of them work in informal jobs in the streets to earn a living for themselves and their families. They are hard workers who do everything to care for their families and friends.
300.000 native workers in the tourism industry experience a very similar challenge.

These people do not have any savings, nor can they expect any support from outside. Even if they can manage to earn a few pesos, they have huge challenges to buy cheap basic food, as many people are buying in excess. They see their children starving and there is no silver lining on the horizon: the restrictions could well last for two months – two long months for parents who have to feed their children!

Survival Pack for Families

We at YWAM Cartagena want to give these families survival packs to survive in these harsh times for one more week. These packs contain some basic food such as milk, eggs, beans or bread for one week. They also contain key sanitary products such as soap, toilet paper or gloves for basic care and to avoid infection.

As we serve many of these families in our mercy ministries on a continuous basis, we know their situation very well and also know the most needy people. We will buy the items, put together the survival packs, organize a safe transport and make sure that the packs are distributed to the right families.

We believe that this is the time to show them God’s love in a very practical way – to be like Jesus who doesn't search for His own good but gave his life to serve others and transform their lives.

We will distribute the survival packs to the most needy:

- 35% to Venezuelan Families.
- 35% for people in the country that are in urgent need.
- 20% for Christians in urgent need.

Donate now – make an immediate impact!

With 55 USD you can help parents with 3 children surviving for one week. Feel free to give what you decide to, every help will be highly appreciated.

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Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
YWAM Cartagena Basel

CHF5 of CHF1,000

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