Brothers and sisters, the family of Father Andrii Kudriavtsev, our priest, was forced to leave Kyiv due to war taking place in Ukraine. Another sad news came today. There was a fire in the building where Father Andrii's wife found shelter with her younger children. All personal belongings, including laptops, cell phones, wallets, cash, banking cards, and passports were burned. Volunteers and the city administration are now helping with basic living necessities, and with issuing new documents. However, at the moment, the family found itself without means of subsistence and means of communication and work. Yevheniia Kudriavtseva used to work remotely on her laptop. We are asking for your help to support his family affected by this tragedy and to donate for his wife and children. Family is located in west Ukraine without anything. Money will be immediately deposited to the family of Father Andrii Kudriavtsev. More details: