Together, we are removing barriers between loving families & waiting children.

We help families take the practical steps to become caretakers of victimized children. We help them through the practical, emotional, and spiritual preparation and support needed to successfully become a courageous caretaker of victimized children. By serving willing families, we give a child the most priceless gift of all, life-altering love...a love that holds arms wide open, with a heart exposed! 

A Special Note:
Our focus is to serve families willing to care for victimized children. We do this by filling the gaps where standard state processes fail to prepare or support families willing to open their homes and hearts to waiting for children. 
By removing barriers between loving families and waiting children we can provide better outcomes for victimized children. Many potential families experience conflicting or confusing information when trying to learn about fostering or adoption. Inefficiencies from states and agencies result in poor follow up. What's even more disturbing is that states are losing over 50% of new foster families in their first year, due to a lack of preparation and support. These barriers are unnecessary and we are passionate about removing them! 
We provide willing families four crucial areas of service to frontline families. By providing these services we prepare these courageous caretakers for the realities that they will face while fostering and/or adopting children who have been abused. These services will work with and in addition to current state processes. These services are purposefully built to fill the gaps in the most common areas where families are left confused, unprepared, or overwhelmed. We are the frontline family's advocate, servant, and safety. Because they are in the trenches, fighting, and caring for victimized children on the frontlines!
The 10.18 Strategy Team

Who is 10.18 Strategy?
We are a community action organization whose purpose is to empower and mobilize believers throughout the United States to protect kids who have been abused, neglected, victimized, abandoned, or forgotten.

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