Hi, I'm Evan J and here is my testimony.  in Los Angeles, California. I'm fundraising to support my work as a creative independent journalist exposing the New World Order, and as a Jewish-Yogi-Christian talking to my viewers and friends about Jesus and why it's time now, if they haven't yet, to open the New Testament, read it and find out what happened for themselves.

From my perspective, we are clearly in what looks like the beginning of the end times, and anyone who is looking can see what's happening. More people are starting to awaken, and so that is where I am focused in my work, on bringing things to light.

Much of what I report on is unsettling, and so I use my God given talent as a songwriter, singer, and creative spirit, to serve up musical reports, and write songs to deliver information in creative ways, to uplift spirits, and to help people connect with God.

I also have an eye towards funding my escape from LA to relocate to a red state and community of Bible believing Christians, preppers and medical freedom warriors, where I can continue my work and be with people who will not roll over...

... people who are awakened to the tyranny now on the march... tyranny which has already seized most Western countries around the globe in the form of The Great Reset, and which is making fast inroads into the United States and seeking to destroy our rights.

Last year in July, 2020 our governor Gavin Newsom (whom I truly believe might be a lizard person) announced by unlawful, unconstitutional decree, that due to Covid he was ordering all churches to close, and that church choirs must stop singing.

Now I don't know if you ever saw any of those TV shows or commercials where somebody says something crazy and the scene grinds to a halt, with this "record scratching to a stop" sound. Everything stops cold, usually leaving people with blank stares on their faces. 

That's what happened to me when I heard the lizard man order that churches would be closed and choirs would stop singing, "for public health reasons" at the very same time he decreed that liquor stores and strip clubs would stay open, "because those are essential businesses," the lizard man said.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, because this is what got my attention and woke me up to the spiritual war on God.

I was cleaning dishes in the kitchen and when I heard him say this, I heard that record scratching-to-a-stop sound in my head, and my head literally snapped around towards the television and I had to walk into the room and rewind and listen back.

"Yes, that's really what he just said," I thought to myself. "There really IS a war on God."


I couldn't get it out of my head. I turned off the TV and went outside for a bike ride.

I left my phone at home, so it wouldn't track and record me while I was talking out loud to myself, and talking to God on my bike ride.

Some background (and hint: this all leads me straight to Jesus, but it's still a long and winding road):

I was born and raised Jewish and not very religious, but following some of the bigger holiday traditions, like the Passover Seder, and going to temple for Rosh Hashana "the Head of the Year" and Yom Kippur "the Day of Atonement."

I always had a concept of God, and that I should love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, and (the Hebrew version) with all of my might. 

I believed in God but didn't feel particularly connected with God through my Judaism. Not surprisingly since I didn't practice much and wasn't a big reader. But I sensed something big was missing (hint: it was Jesus).

Now, I did feel the covenant with God and the responsibility to be God-conscious, but I did not feel the connection in the books or in going to temple services. I felt a connection to my Jewish heritage, more than to God. For a long time in my life the two were indistinguishable from each other. 

As many American Jews do, around teenage years and young adulthood, I went seeking, and I discovered Yoga and Buddhism. I dived deep into these, particularly yoga philosophy, and I could write books about just this part of my journey.

To keep it brief, I learned how to open my heart to God and seek God through yoga practices. If it weren't for those, I may never have recognized Jesus.

It may sound weird and I really can't explain it very well how yoga study, practice, and devotion to the yoga path for many years, led me to see Jesus and welcome Jesus into my heart, in ways that due to my Jewish upbringing, I had been closed down to. But I have Yoga to thank for that.

(In short, Yoga came about when men were seeking God. Some found their way but most do not. The New Testament came about when God came to seek man and show us the way back home, through faith and belief in God and his son Jesus Christ).

So now, back to my bike ride, and talking to God after the lizard person Governor closed the churches and ordered church choirs to stop singing:

Everything I've said above about Jesus, I did not know at this time. 

What I did know, was that the Governor of the biggest State in America would not be ordering churches closed and choirs to stop singing for any legitimate reason EXCEPT for a war on God.

I called out to God that day on my bike ride.... "God," I said, "I don't know what good I can do and I know I'm late... but I just woke up that this war on you is real. And that means that pretty much everything the Christians have been saying for decades is likely true as well. God, please give me guidance and direction, tell me how I can help. I want to help. I'm on your side if you will have me."

The most amazing thing happened to me over the following three days....

God put a song into my mind and my heart, and every time I went out on my bike, the song would come back into my mind. This never happens as a songwriter. If I don't capture an idea when it comes, the idea floats off and life happens and I never remember again.

This time was different.. this hook, this melodic hook with a repeating phrase and a big choir in my head... it wouldn't go away... and when it did go away, it kept coming back... until the 3rd day when I had to turn my bike around, go home (skipping my ride!) and capture the song, which then took me a full year to manifest the recording with some help from a few friends.

The hook was God's message to me, and it kept repeating over and over in glorious refrain...

"Will you save me Jesus? Will you save me Lord?"

It took a year but you can listen to this song on Soundcloud: 

Once I got the hook captured, I asked God, "Why did you give this hook to me, do you really want me to come to Jesus?"

God said, "You asked me how you can help. First, know Jesus. Then you can help."

This led to my reading the Book of John for the first time. I read it out loud to myself. When I found out what happened, it changed everything for me. I can write books about that too.

Here's a story I told yesterday on the livestream and a new song I just wrote with some of my favorite bible verses from Proverbs and Ephesians. https://www.bitchute.com/video/S9l10g4N2S7l/ 

Why I need help:
I got permanently banned on Youtube for talking about vaccine injuries and election fraud. I'm shadow banned everywhere so my audience is very small now and I'm hoping that I can reach more Christians and truth warriors here on GiveSendGo.

My livestream goes out daily pacific time M-F at 3pm and features live chat with the audience.

My website is https://evantalks.com 

Live chat via Twitch, dLive, Facebook, and Linkedin... however, Twitch is the only platform so far that has not banned or blocked any of my broadcasts.

My twitch channel is at https://twitch.tv/realevantalks 

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Thank you so much if you made it this far! I think you'll like my work.

Thanks in advance for helping me make this transition to crowdfunding to support my work.

I am considered "unemployable" in Los Angeles. I'm unvaccinated, I won't wear a mask, and I speak out against Hollywood Satanic culture and industry. Your support will allow me to continue my work to help awaken more people, and bring more people to Jesus.

Thank you for helping me find and connect with a new community, and ultimately for helping me plot my escape out of this blue state hellhole before it collapses into total chaos and oblivion.

5% of all your donations to my campaign go back to GiveSendGo to help them keep the platform free to use for all. Thanks to the GiveSendGo community and founders for this platform.

All the glory to God, in the name of His amazing Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Blessings to you,
Evan J