Dear friends, family, and colleagues -

As you may know, I am a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, moving to the United States in 1992 upon marrying my husband, Ace. Although physically apart from my siblings, nieces and nephews, I have supported my family back home in Danao City on Cebu island, where they still have strong roots.

Before this past Christmas, Cat-5 Typhoon Rai (known locally as Odette) hit the Philippine province of Cebu, with sustained winds of 120mph and gusts reaching 160mph. Power, water, and phone service was lost in the area - I did not hear from anyone locally for close to 5 days.

By the grace of God and luckily for our family, no one was seriously injured by the storm. However, with the damages to our home in Danao, they are in need of prayer, resources, and funds to rebuild from the utter catastrophe.

With your help and prayers, I would like to raise $12,000 USD to rebuild my family's home.

Built in 1980 by our parents as their retirement home in the mountains near Danao City, the house was named "Pleasant Valley: A Home Away From Home." The two-level main structure, constructed from bamboo, cement, and tin, weathered several seasons of typhoons and rainstorms and was home to my siblings and parents for a couple decades.

Since my parents' passing in the early 2000s, two of my sisters and one niece still reside on and look after the family property. With fluctuating COVID-19 travel restrictions around the timing of this particular storm, it has been difficult for other family members to visit and provide any aid.

Please consider helping us reach our goal to rebuild the family home. Even if you cannot contribute, kindly keep us in your prayers in the faith of finding someone who can.

In Christ,

Helen Enriquez Yates