People need structure and guidance to efficiently begin a longterm journey of improving their fitness and I've spent literally thousands of hours and thousands of my own dollars (and I haven't had a lot of money) building out a dynamic service and foundation for a healthy community to help all kinds of people, BUT some people won't even start FOR FREE!.. and that's if they even know about it. Yes, getting exercise and learning how to use a system requires work and effort and some people need help to start getting help!.. so they can help themselves. I've already done the major lifting and just need a little help with a catalyst to overcome the "chicken and the egg problem" of having people participate, which will provide value to those others who participate.

     A little financial donation will be used to help 10 people around my community and reached on the internet and will hopefully spread to helping people all over the United States AND then will maybe even help people all around the world with different languages! Globally could be years down the road though, but for anyone who reads English and measures in lbs (not the metric system yet) could benefit right away! I'll plan to ask people who know me and on the internet and will provide them with personal attention and little incentives to start getting some traction with them and to grow the community. The first users can share the platform and teach others how to use it. Guess What?! The future is planned to hold a decentralized community! In fact, it's already set up to grow this way. Also, where I can raise revenue, I plan to use some to acquire infrastructure so that there is minimal reliance on third parties to run the service! There's BIG plans to make this thing really excellent!

     EN Exercise Network (aka The EN) was started in 2013 and first used for a hike among strangers. It has developed into a tiered exercise platform for both in the gym and at home use. Think: martial arts belts for Ranks. In The EN it's: Rank White, Rank Yellow, etc. Members can take Official Tests validated with videos. There's even a Youth Program with a Youth Test that adults can have oversight on. Earning a Ranked Shirt is a nice prize!

     There's a lot of good that can come from your help and it is greatly appreciated! Feel free to reach out to our Help Desk and Customer Service. I would be happy to provide donors with a Free year of membership (or more), too! Get in touch!