First, they came for January 6th attendees who went into the Capitol building. 
But I did not go into the Capitol, so I said nothing. 
Then, they came for January 6th attendees who were outside the Capitol. 
But I was not there either, so I said nothing. 
Then, they came for the families of January 6th attendees, who weren't even there. 
But my family did not go either, so I said nothing.
Then, they came for anyone who protests. 
But I didn't protest anything, so I said nothing. 
Eventually, they came for me, 
And there was no one left to speak out for me. 

Eventually, they will come for all of us who said nothing and who, like many of these individuals, have done nothing illegal. 

Naively, many of us believed that the only people who would be prosecuted were those who actually committed a crime. Fast forward to now, and we are seeing massive overreach, affecting many more people. Mothers are being labeled domestic terrorists simply for protesting what is being taught in their kids' public schools. Recently, the New York State Senate proposed giving government the power to remove from the public, i.e., imprison, anyone deemed to be a public health risk. Full text of the bill can be found here: 

What does all of this mean for ordinary Americans who value their civil liberties? We must fight. That is why we created this fund. Your donations will be used to support the families of incarcerated individuals awaiting trail, legal defense, mailings, rallies, publicity, petitions, and all of our campaigns against government overreach. The price of freedom is far too high to let it vanish this easily.