My book is written. Great dystopian plot with honorable, principled young characters fighting the demonic authoritarians that have control in 2030. It’s all here: romance, comedy, thriller, and mystery with the main focus skewering leftists, liberals, RINOs, and the apolitical for ruining our once awesome country. I’m hoping the book will catch on with college students to reject the insanity with which they’re being indoctrinated. I want to do a complete rewrite after I get as much input as I can. After that, I’ll need a skilled conservative ghost-writer who can add the finishing touches to make the book open minds and hearts and to what’s happening  … and to keep readers obsessively reading through the night. With small donations, you’ll at the very least get the finished book in paperback if ever published. For big contributions, please tell me what you’d like ! I’d love to get any recommendations on ghostwriters, agents, and publishers. Unfortunately, they will hate this book unless they’re patriotic conservatives. I’ll send a summary of the current book (or the whole rough draft, 45,000 words) if anyone is interested. Thank you !