Your support will help us with our:

-Video production expenses 

-Online training platform investments

-Scholarships for our students 

Did you know a LifeWay research study found in 2022 that 73% of unbelievers are willing to speak with a stranger about Jesus. 

That is shocking to hear, but even more shocking is less than 1% of Christians are willing to speak to a stranger. The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few. This is why we need your help to support students who want to enroll in Easy Evangelism University. 

We already tried to start a Revival three other times.

1) We have worked with thousands of churches to help their people evangelize.

2) We also have tried to get people to share a video during covid so it would go viral, we only were able to get around a million views and the results were hard to measure.

3) Then we created the Jesus Story Challenge where the testimony of the person sits on top of video answers to life’s hard questions. We gave 6,000 people the opportunity to do it at a conference after they watched this video, and only 1 did.

Boy that really sent us into a spiritual depression. We were so upset that Christ followers were so hard to motivate to be Great Commission minded. Then God brought us to the conclusion that we need to start at square one. We need to get back to the basics and start where people are willing to begin.

So we have decided to start a University that teaches our students how to speak to the people they come in contact with. Our teaching will prepare them on:

-What to say if they have ten seconds, three minutes or an hour.

-Ingrain in them a Gospel presentation that they can pull out of their memory in just seconds that is so easy for an unbeliever to respond to.

-Teach them how they can easily they can impact hundreds and in most cases thousands of people a year with the Gospel. 

We have already developed the majority of Easy Evangelism University and need your help to take us across the finish line.