Dr Mark Trozzi is a 25 year ER veteran and critical rescusitation instructor, who worked on the "covid front line" throughout 2020. His research and experience revealed to him that the covid agenda was deceptive, the public was being misled, the so-called "vaccines" were dangerous, and many other very concerning realities.  
He has suspended all gainful employment since the start of 2021, and committed himself full time to activism and honest public education. The web site www.drtrozzi.org is an ever expanding wealth of truth and solid advice.; there you can see that  he is 100% committed to research and activism in defense of us all. He is actively involved in grassroots activism including Take Action Canada www.takeactioncanada.ca . Dr Trozzi is very busilly involved as a steering committee member of the recently formed  World Council For Health  www.worldcouncilforhealth.org ;  and works tirelessly on many fronts to inform the public and help return human rights and ethical medicine. 
Despite attacks from corrupted institutions who promote the harmful covid agend, misinformation, and abuse of human rights,  Dr Trozzi has remained 100% committed and uncompromised.