Are you tired of endlessly swiping through basic profiles? Does it feel like a wasteland of shallowness? Dröm is here to help! Dröm is a unique, values-based dating app. Instead of swiping endlessly and superficially through photos, you design your ideal match by picking dealmakers & dealbreakers such as religion, philosophy, politics, marriage, children, peaceful parenting, vaccines, homesteading, homeschooling, community, free markets, health, diet, abortion, armed self-defense, etc. Anyone can add their own dealmaker/dealbreaker to the list. There are no matching algorithms – you only get matched based on the values you choose. This app is the opposite of swiping hookup apps such as Hinge or Tinder. Once you match, you only see video profiles and video chat for more human connections. Dröm is free and it’s already live in the Apple and Google app stores!

We spent two and a half years developing and perfecting the app, but when it came to advertising, funds had dwindled to $20,000, all of which was spent on placing ads. We’ve advertised on Michael Malice, Dave Smith, Tom Woods, Scott Horton, and others. We have about 2,500 users, hundreds of matches, and fantastic feedback. Now, all we need is your help in funding the advertisement campaigns to really get the word out! Each of you can give us the extra boost to get this off the ground.

We at Dröm wholeheartedly support bringing people together. A values-based dating app with an emphasis on meaningful compatibilities can bring about the secure relationships necessary to create the next generation of people who share these enriching values. Libertarian values are especially important to us, so we’ll use your donation money to advertise with popular, liberty-oriented podcasts, related influencers, social media, etc. We hope you are as excited as we are about bringing men and women together to build strong families based on love and reason. We also think that this app can enlighten newcomers as they scroll through a variety of intriguing dealmakers & dealbreakers. People will be exposed to values and ideas that they might not have been aware of!

Anyone who donates $100 or more will have lifetime premium app benefits as they are added!