The news, talk, shows and movies we are presented with every day from mainstream sources have become twisted, dark and evil.

Movies are filled with satanic symbolism and newscasters and talk show hosts consistently feed us lies. Sadly, we as Christians and Conservatives are having a hard time competing with the messages our families and children are getting from the streaming services, broadcast networks and from the box office.

Let's create a media outlet together that allows the entire family to watch a movie and finish it without saying, "That would have been great if...." If it didn't have so much violence, if it didn't have those sex scenes, if it didn't take Jesus' name in vain or have all that swearing in it.

Let's create a media outlet that talks about the hard issues and the impact of misguided government policies boldy, without fear.

Let's create a media outlet that doesn't shut down the voices of knowledgeable and interesting people who go against the current popular narrative.

Divine Family Entertainment (DFE) is that outlet. DFE will be run by Christians and provide all the content that Christian families are looking for. But we will welcome non-Christian viewers who want wholesome content as well. And we will always point them to Jesus explicitly or implicitly.

DFE will feature news shows, talk shows, scripted and unscripted content including entertainment shows and documentaries, and box office movies.

Just a few of the DFE shows and movies in production or development include:

  • 4 Mommies (Talk Show)
  • News 4 All
  • The Den (Talk Show)
  • The Family (Talk Show)
  • Iron Chain Last Hope (Documentary)
  • WITHIN (Movie)
  • The Light (Series)
  • Empathy (Series)
  • Anchored (Series)
  • New Antallis (Series)
  • Dr. Strand (Series)
  • Children's Shows

With DFE, families will have a place to go after a long day of work or school to unwind and know that they will not be spoonfed garbage and programmed to follow liberal ideologies.

Parents will feel secure in the knowledge that the only indoctrination their children will receive while watching a show on DFE will be loving Christ and others and knowing who they are and Whose they are.

Will you join me, Tami DeVine, in creating this network? It has been a dream and passion of mine for years. God has given me ideas for many, many shows and movies. I would like to share those with you. You will not only be entertained but you will grow in your love and knowledge for our great, big, amazing God.

He has been with me since birth. I was born in a mud hut in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I never knew my father. When my mother died, white American missionaries who were translating the New Testament into my language adopted me and brought me to the U.S. with them. They loved me as their own, treated me as their own, and allowed me to have adventures I could never have dreamed of as a little girl in a mud hut in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Throughout my life I've always asked God what He wants me to do for Him. Why did He bring me to this amazing land of so many opportunities? I believe creating DFE is my purpose in life. God has provided training for me in media (I've worked for ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates), I've run an independent broadcast news network, I've restructured the news division of a large TV network overseas, and I've trained hundreds of people and helped launch them into their dream TV careers.

God has prepared me for such a time as this. Will you join me in getting His messages and His Word out to whoever would like to hear them?

Thank you for any donation or support you can give. May God bless and keep you.