Over the past two years the Lord has blessed Desert Hills Bible Church with incredible growth.  We accelerated from a church that averaged 200 people in attendance to now averaging 1,000 on a Sunday.   

You might ask, “What did we do to bring on this growth?” Our answer is…nothing.  We have always been committed to the centrality and sufficiency of Scripture, expository preaching, and a Biblical paradigm of justice and compassion. 

We stood firm in these convictions, even during the many shut-downs due to COVID-19, as our doors remained opened for those who wanted and needed to meet with other believers and worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many started discovering Desert Hills during this time, coming from all over the Phoenix area with a hunger to hear God’s Word being clearly taught.  We are also seeing people come to faith in Christ as they hear the Gospel faithfully preached.  The times are exciting!

With significant growth comes challenges, and we have outgrown our current facility.  Our current worship center is too small, and we often must turn away children from our nursery and other rooms as the spaces for those ministries are full. Our parking lot also has fewer spaces than needed.

Through much prayer, we began looking for a new potential campus to meet our growing body’s needs and provide space for future growth and ministry endeavors.  We believe we have found that campus, which includes:

  • Larger worship center
  • More space for parking
  • Ample classroom space
  • Several children's play areas

While our growth is certainly exciting, we have never desired to become larger for the sake of being seen as a large or “mega” church.  However, we wish to steward the growth that God has seen fit to give us for the future.  

So what do we need to make all of this happen?

What We Need

·        We need to raise about $2.9 million by the end of June 2022 to make this dream a reality. 

What We Are Asking

·        Pray!  We greatly appreciate your prayers during this exciting yet challenging time of growth and change as we seek to be faithful with what God has given to us.

·        Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially to make this possibility a reality?    All funds donated are tax deductible and will remain anonymous.

We realize we have a significant amount of money to raise in a short period of time.  However, we wish to remain debt free as we take this next step.  Through your donation, we can continue to work towards the goal of a debt free campus and expand our work for the Kingdom of Christ. 

You can find out more about us at: