Beijing Biden's Political Prisoners

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Nathan DeGrave is a patriot, political prisoner suffering in solitary confinement at Biden's D.C Gitmo. While murderers, rapists, and pedophiles get treated with kid's gloves for their crimes, Nathan's only crime is his non violent participation at the mostly peaceful January 6 rally.

The corrupt Biden regime has made it clear that if you are a conservative or republican, they will throw you in America's Gitmo.

Nathan's judge ruled that because he is a Trump supporter, he could not release him from pre trial detention. This is a clear violation under the Bail Reform Act, which makes it clear that pre trial detention should only be used in rare circumstances since freedom is the norm in our society.

This is just one of many shocking violations of Nathan's civil rights, constitutional rights, and human rights. Nathan has been in solitary confinement for over 8 months, even though international rights state that human beings should not be held in solitary confinement for more than 7 days due to the extreme emotional, mental, and physical distress it could cause.

He even spent 30 days in "the hole", a section of the jail reserved for the most violent prisoners, for no apparent reason.

Nathan has been denied proper hygiene, proper nutrition, access to legal visits, and access to religious services despite being his constitutional rights. Even the ACLU, a notoriously left wing organization, is advocating on behalf of these political prisoners about the abhorrent conditions and human rights violations they face.

Jan 6ers have been mocked, ridiculed and beaten by officers for singing the national anthem, by people who despise the U.S.A and the love these patriots have for their country.

Nathan himself has been threatened with physical violence by prison staff. Earlier this year, correction officers badly beat a fellow January 6 patriot nearly to death for simply trying to organize a bible study. They zip tied has hands, and then beat him unconscious with their metal flashlights. This man suffered from a detached retina, skull fractures, brain swelling, and blindness. The corrupt DC Department of Corrections deny this attack ever happened. Nathan fears he could be next.

If this isnt disturbing enough, senators Matt Gaete and Marjorie Taylor Greene were illegally denied from checking in on these political prisoners.

It's clear the DOJ is trying to hide these illegal violations from lawmakers and the American public.

The fake news, corrupt DOJ and FBI are colluding to keep the truth about Jan 6th hidden behind a veil of a fake insurrection. The truth is that January 6 was a peaceful protest, until police attacked nonviolent participants and murdered Roseanne Boyland and Ashli Babbitt in cold blood.

We've all heard about Ashli Babbitt, but the DOJ is trying to cover up the death of Roseanne Boyland, another peaceful protestor, who was beaten to death by federal officers.

The D.O.J is suppressing this evidence from the public, but the truth WILL come out. The Jan 6 patriots HAVE THE FOOTAGE of this brutal and senseless murder, the truth will come to light, and we will end the darkness our beautiful country has succumbed to.

Only WE THE PEOPLE can end this evil. We cannot rely on the lying media to tell the truth, so it's up to us American Patriots to spread the word and to donate to Nathan and other patriot's defense funds.

We should be telling ourselves NEVER AGAIN will we allow this vile wickedness to corrupt our nation and violate the sacred rights of our own countrymen. On Jan 6, 2021, 600 of America's sons and daughters exercised their 1st amendment rights, expressed their concerns about election integrity, and sacrificed everything for the American dream.

Nathan has lost all he has. As a result, he plans to dedicate his life to speaking the truth about that day, end the violence, and bring positive change to this country, so that this NEVER happens again.

But he needs your help.

Please donate and spread the word, so we can get this message out to the millions of Americans who deserve to know the truth.

Give Send Go is unfortunately Jan 6 patriots only outlet to speak the truth of evil powers and municipalities.

ANTIFA, BLM and other extremist groups burn down cities, loot stores and terrorize communities causing billions in damages, only to get cases dismissed and charges dropped. But peaceful Americans who dare to challenge the Biden regime are thrown in solitary confinement without bail, as a result of our corrupt two tiered justice system.

Providing your financial support is the easiest and most effective way to fight back and show the world what we as a country stand for.

Nathan wishes for you to pray for our country during this dark time. God bless you and God bless the USA.

To contact me, you can: *Add me on Gettr at *Add me on MeWe at *Connect with me on Parler at *Connect with me on Gab at *Email me at *Text me at ‪(702) 357-4383‬ *Mail me at: Nathan DeGrave #376789 CTF 1901 D St SE Washington, DC 20003


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